Microsoft’s new software at SoftComputers – what’s new

The online store provides licensed activation keys for Microsoft software at low prices, and in this article we want to talk about new software from Microsoft that you can purchase in this store.

Microsoft Office 2019

  • The very first innovation and a step into the “future”, in MS Office 2019 applications there was a customization of commands, recognition of pressing force and the angle of the stylus, as you might guess – this is for those users who work with the touch screen;
  • The second update is the focus mode, this function will allow you to remove all unnecessary elements so that you can focus only on the text;
  • A translator appeared in the Word application, now you can translate text directly in the program itself, without being distracted by third-party translators. This update affected versions for Windows and Mac;
  • Two new charts appeared in Excel: Funnel and Map, a timeline that allows you to apply a specific sequence of any actions in a clear chronological order to the linear timeline, as well as significantly improved PowerPivot data modeling technology, added new formulas and various analytic functions data.

In the Outlook application, the contact card was updated, a quick view of various information about people and groups was added. Moreover:

  • The update affected the entry of travel cards and packages;
  • Mentions. To highlight key contacts, add the @ symbol before their name in the text of the letter or calendar entry, after which the contact will automatically appear in the recipient list;
  • Also, functionality for people with disabilities was not spared, such a function as “Reading out loud” and tracking inter-letter spaces appeared.

Microsoft Visio 2019

  • The concept of “click to run” – it’s up and running, these are new initial schemes that will allow the user to easily start working immediately after launching the application;
  • The update affected the work with databases. Built-in database model schemas – this is a new database model schema template that allows you to create an accurate database model in Visio schemas, you do not need to configure anything to run this function, everything works right out of the box! All this is done using the Visio Reconstruction Wizard, and you can also create a database from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Database models graphically show you the structure of the database;
  • Improved support for AutoCAD drawings. In earlier versions, you could only import DWG and DXF files from AutoCAD 2007, now with the new version of Microsoft Visio 2019 you can import and open files from AutoCAD 2017 and earlier. The update also affected the speed of work of importing drawings from AutoCAD, try it and you will feel the increase in speed of work. This will be especially noticeable when working with figures that are superimposed on CAD drawings, long delays were previously observed, in the new Visio 2019 they will no longer be.

Microsoft Project 2019

  • Link tasks using the drop-down menu. In the new version of MS Project, you do not need to remember the indexer of the desired task with which you need to establish a connection. Now with one click in the drop-down menu, in the “Predecessors” column , you can see a list of all the tasks in the project. The hierarchy and arrangement of tasks will be consistent with the project;
  • Task progress and timeline panel labels. With the new update for Project 2019, it is now even more clear to present the progress of the project. And now you can add a label to the timeline panels, and the progress can be displayed directly on tasks. This allows you to significantly visualize the plan and progress of the task!
  • And in this version, people with disabilities were taken care of, in the new Microsoft Project 2019, it became easier to voice application elements using the Windows screen reader and other special features. Including added the ability to change the scale of the project, text color, change the contrast and change the appearance of the views.

Windows Server 2019

We turn to the most popular server operating system and one of the flagship products from Microsoft – Windows Server 2019 . We will not delve into the complex technical nuances, we will touch only on the most important aspects of updates.

  • Windows Admin Center (WAC) is a new administrator interface; this functionality allows managing local and remote servers directly from the browser. Azure support is included in the Windows Admin Center functionality, which makes the Windows Admin Center an even more universal tool for the system administrator who can manage workstations and cloud services.
  • Another new feature of Windows Server 2019 that has already been tested on Windows 10 is the launch of the Linux family of operating systems, its desktops, executable files, and bash scripts without using virtualization tools. This is made possible thanks to the new Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) technology in the core of Windows Server 2019, this layer translates Linux system calls into Windows calls;
  • Windows Server security systems also received a number of updates, for example, Windows Defender received Advanced Threat Protection updates, this functionality detects attacks at the RAM and kernel levels, after identifying such threats, the system automatically terminates the process and removes viruses. In addition, the developers worked out protection against network attacks and the “controlled access to files” function , which blocks access to suspicious applications, protects against ransomware files and, in general, against unauthorized changes.

In addition, there are many other changes in Windows Server 2019, briefly about them:

  • The size of the Server Core container image has been reduced from 5 gigabytes to 1.7 gigabytes;
  • System analytics is a functional that allows you to identify and predict problems in the infrastructure, it is based on a machine learning model;
  • Added support for non-volatile memory in Hyper-V virtualization;
  • Storage Spaces Direct technology has received a number of new features, for example, performance assessment tools, deduplication and compression of ReFS volumes, and others.

You can read a more complete list of updates on the Microsoft website .

Windows 10 Enterprise (Enterprise) LTSC 2019

The enterprise version of Windows 10 received the following updates:

  • Security. This release of Windows 10 includes improved security systems against various hacking threats, as well as improved personal data protection. For example, the technology “ Reducing the vulnerable zone” has been added – it helps prevent blackmail programs from changing personal files;
  • Windows analytics:
    • Upgrade Readiness Technology . It checks whether applications and drivers are ready to upgrade to Windows 10. This technology collects up-to-date data on drivers and applications, information about known problems, as well as recommendations for troubleshooting;
    • Device health is a new analytic tool designed to simplify device maintenance, and it identifies devices and drivers that often fail.
    • Updates from Windows Update — Now it provides more options for managing updates, and Windows Update allows you to pause and delete problem updates using Intune. In addition, you can now delay the installation of updates for up to 365 days ( previously this period was 180 days ).